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Resources for Separating Parents

Parenting After Separation Handbook

This handbook, used throughout British Columbia for Parenting After Separation workshops, is the essential companion to the OPAS course. You can download a digital copy of it here.

PAS Worksheets

View an index of worksheets used in different sections of the OPAS course. Once you have completed your worksheet, click on the Save Document button to generate a Word document that you can save and print.

Key Services

If you need more information, this page will help you get in touch with a wide range of service organizations that can assist you with your family break up issue.

Key Resources

Browse a variety of resources including websites, videos, and readings relating to family break up.

Online Information Guides

If you or your family are dealing with a specific issue, anywhere from access to spousal support, this helpful guide can provide quick access to key online publications that will address your questions.