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5.6.1 - Businesslike Communication Tips

Businesslike Communication Tips

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Keep all talk with your child’s other parent brief, focused on child-related issues and businesslike. If you cannot talk to each other, communicate in writing, by e-mail, or use text messaging.

Be clear and specific about the problem.

Never communicate with the other parent through your child.

Do not let relationship issues enter into the discussion. If your former partner cannot keep old relationship disagreements out of the conversation, suggest resuming the discussion later.

Do not fuel the other parent’s anger.

Remain calm and don’t react.

Have possible solutions ready.

Be courteous and respectful of the other parent even if you feel they may not deserve it.

Focus on the best interests of your children and their needs when you are discussing child-rearing problems and strategies with the other parent.

Avoid blaming yourself or your former partner for what happened in the past. Stay in the present.

Look for opportunities to express appreciation to the other parent.

Act like a guest when in the other parent’s home. (It is very confusing to the children if you don’t.)

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