3.5 - Moving Forward Checklist

Here are some ways that parents cope. Check off the options below that you wish to work on. Think of other activities that you might want to consider as a way of moving forward, write these in the lines provided below each section.

Establish a flexible routine with your child and stick to it.
Enroll your child in an activity he or she enjoys.
Get a babysitter so you can have a regular night out.
Reserve a time each week that you and your child can look forward to sharing.

Emotional and Psychological
Share your feelings and experiences in a support group.
Get professional help with any area of your life that seems to keep you off balance.
Help others as a volunteer or friend. In doing so you will feel good about yourself and may learn more about yourself.
Look at your behaviour and decide if it keeps you from being a better parent.
Attend a cultural event or a self-help event.

Exercise daily, or as often as possible.
Go camping with groups or clubs.
Join an exercise class or start one yourself.
Join a sports team.

Enjoyment and Social
Join a social club.
Pursue single-parent activities within your community, church, or at work.
Read a good book, learn to play an instrument.
Try a hobby you really enjoy.
List things you’ve enjoyed doing in the past or things you might enjoy doing in the future.

Self Appreciation
Compliment yourself when you’ve done a good job of parenting.
Don’t compare yourself with other parents who appear to be perfect. (Chances are, they aren’t.)
Ask for help when you need it, you deserve it!

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