2.9 - Parenting Plan Worksheet

This parenting plan worksheet can help you and the other parent spell out the details of how you are going to parent. If you and the other parent develop a parenting plan, each of you should keep a copy.

Use the blank spaces below to type your responses. Once finished, you'll be able to print or save the document to your computer.

1. Parenting goals

2. Communication ground rules

3. Parenting time arrangements (list all options)

4. Transportation details

5. Telephone schedule

6. Long-distance parenting arrangements
(if one parent lives more than 100 miles away, for example)

7. Procedures for making decisions

8. Procedures for sharing information

9. Agenda for a parenting meeting (on a monthly or weekly basis)

10. Child support
11. Post-secondary education for children

12. Health insurance

Congratulations! You've successfully completed your parenting plan!

Press the button below to print or save your document.