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2.7 - Familly Justice Counsellor Exercise

Fill in the blanks with the words provided below.

section 211                legal                           parenting plan                      less

violence                     mediation                  communication                    children

court                           unsafe                       documents                            lawyer

both                            number                      gross

Role of the Family Justice Counsellor

  1. Helps parents focus on the best interests of the child while making a
  2. Screens for
  3. Provides information
  4. Informs people about the system and alternatives available
  5. Provides confidential separate meetings or where appropriate
  6. May help with understanding court and the court process
  7. Prepares reports for the court


Child Support

  1. Can improve between parents
  2. Usually costs than going to court as it is a free service provided by the Family Justice Counsellor
  3. Keeps out of the conflict
  4. May not be appropriate where one person feels or where there is a history of abuse in the relationship.
  5. Seeing a for independent legal advice is always   recommended before you sign anything that has been decided through   mediation.
  6. Children have the right to be supported by parents.
  7. The Child Support Guideline Tables are based on the: annual income of the support-paying parent and the of children

Fill in all of the blanks before you check your answers.