2.4 - Judge's Video Quiz



  • 3. When former spouses agree to resolve family law disputes out of court (2 words)
  • 5. Judge may have to decide if this is present during the separation or divorce
  • 6. Having parental responsibilities including making decisions about daily care and education
  • 7. Time spent with a child by a non-guardian
  • 10. A neutral third party who helps parents make decisions and agreements


  • 1. The time a child spends with a guardian
  • 2. Need to be paid in Supreme Court but not in Provincial Court
  • 3. Agreement made by the parents which is filed with the court (2 words)
  • 4. Money paid for children or former partner after separation or divorce
  • 8. Where the judge decides what is in the best interests of the children
  • 9. Person who can give legal advice